“Forward Movement”


In the wake of the recent attacks on Gaza, the upcoming Presidential Inauguration and the Martin Luther King Day Holiday, this older track of mine came back into mind. I find it as eerily appropriate today as I did back in 98'..

Needless to say our situation is dire these days. It’s difficult to have any faith at all when the hand of faith comes down so heavy, on so many, from so many different points on this mortal coil where we all live.. Maybe those people who say "music is my religion" are on to something, eh?

Anyways, I put this release together ten years ago for Leaf Recordings. And to celebrate its 10 yr anniversary, here ya' go, from me to you..  =]

Download or have a listen..  


“Every man from a bass black to a treble white is significant on God’s keyboard”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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James Baldwin, groovin’ in a record shop